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Asthama Sudharan Product

Beauty Health :: Asthama Sudharan ::

Asthama Sudharan

  • Spee Men Forte

    The Spee-men Forte is a unique and vital Herbal product, a boon offered by Ancient Rishis in their research to help humanity in sexual dysfunction; to sucessfully perform the art of sex for deriving pleasure to himself and to his partner, to contribute sperm for reproduction. Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation improve [...]

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  • Madhu Sanjeevini Powder

    Diabetes is caused with the failure of pancreas ( which produces insulin ) thereby sugar levels in the blood are increased, because sugar does not get assimilated in the blood in the required proportions. Normal Sugar Levels : Fasting Sugar 70 – 120 mg / dl, Post Lunch ( after meals ) 100 – 170 [...]

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  • Swasa Nivarana Plus

    Use Swasa Nivarana Plus Liquid for Sinusitis, Eosinophilia, Sneezing, Common Cold, Bronchial Asthama, Allergic Rhinites, Pneumonia, Chronic Brochitis, Corpumonale (Cardiac Asthama) and Kidney infection. Swasa Nivarana Plus Dosage : Intake Swasa Nivarana Plus once / twice a day before or after food. Adults : 5 – 10ml. Children : 3 – 5ml. Shake the Asthama [...]

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Beauty and Health Products - Asthama Sudharan

Beauty Health :: Asthama Sudharan ::

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