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  • Ayulabs Ratisutra

    Ayulabs Ratisutra Benefits of using Ayulabs Ratisutra Capsules : Every male considers male libido or male sexual desire to be a singificant issue in his life. Male sexual desire may vary from one person to another and in most situations it changes in one individual as per the circutomces. it is a well established fact [...]

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  • Ayulabs Ugo Tablets

    Ayulabs Ugo Tablets Ayulabs Ugo is antiseptic, astringent and cooling. In non-specific Leucorrhoea. Benefits of using Ayulabs Ugo Tablet : Reduces urogenital secretions and infalmmation. Reduces uterine hyperactivity. Checks abnormal veginal discharge. Corrects non – specific leucorrhoea Relieves associated back pain. UGO tablet is a comprehensive treatment for Uro – Genital problems in female, especially for [...]

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  • Ayulabs Avir Tablets

    Ayulabs Avir Tablets Avir Tablets for allergy relief with no drowsiness, no sedation and no weight gain. Benefits of using Ayulabs Avir Tablet : Blocks histamine effects. Suppresses allergic manifestations. Controls sneezing and rhinorrhoea. Reduces itch, scratch and urticaria. Avir tablet is an ideal anti-histaminic, anti-bacterial & anti-viral. The powerful immunomodulatory action of AVIR tablet [...]

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  • Ayulabs Psora Liquid Wash

    Ayulabs Psora Liquid Wash Ayulabs Psora Liquid Wash treats Eczema, Scrofula, Psoriasis, Ringworm and Dermatitis. Benefits of using Ayulabs Liquid Wash : Facilitates Tissue Repair and Regeneration. Ideal Non-Steroidal Anti-allergic, Anti-fungal, Anti-Protozoal, Anti-Bacterial. Reduces Erythema, Plaque Formation and Scaling. Relieves Pruritus and itching; Significantly Reduces inflammed lesions. Indications for Ayulabs Psora Liquid Wash Usage : [...]

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  • Ayulabs Tenil Tablets

    Ayulabs Tenil Tablets Tenil Tablets can be used in conditions of insomnia, irritable conditions, anxiety and stress. Ayulabs Tenil Tablets ensures restful night and peaceful day. Benefits of using Ayulabs Tenil Tablet : Relaxes mind, relieves anxiety, calms the patient. Not habit forming, No hangover. Helps to cope with stress, strain of body and mind. [...]

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  • Ayulabs Caliro Tablet

    Ayulabs Caliro Tablet Ayulabs Caliro Tablets enhances physical and mental well being and boosts immunity. Caliro tablet is a rich source of natural Camcium, Iron and Vitamin – C. During pregnancy these are found deficient and during lactation they are in higher need. So CALIRO tablet is the drug of choice during pregnancy and lactation. [...]

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» Ayulabs Avir Tablets (Allergy relief)

» Ayulabs Ayuplus Capsule (Enhances sexual vigour)

» Ayulabs Ayuliv Capsule (Liver Therapy)

» Ayulabs Ayuliv Syrup (Liver Therapy)

» Ayulabs Bactefar Capsule (Diarrhea & Dysentery)

» Ayulabs Bactefar Syrup (Diarrhea & Dysentery)

» Ayulabs Bonfit Capsule (Fitness of Bones)

» Ayulabs Caliro Tablet (Boosts immunity)

» Ayulabs Cheerup Syrup (Tones up Body)

» Ayulabs Criston Capsule (Urinary Stones)

» Ayulabs Criston Syrup (Urinary stones)

» Ayulabs Defet - 5 Capsule (OBESITY)

» Ayulabs Femton Syrup (Uterine Affection)

» Ayulabs Fizzle Capsule (For cough relief)

» Ayulabs Fizzle Syrup (For cough relief)

» Ayulabs Limit Capsule (Non Insulin type II Diabetes)

» Ayulabs Ludoil Oil (Leucoderma)

» Ayulabs Mobyl Ointment (Oedema & Vascular congestion)

» Ayulabs Molis Baby massage Oil (Growing babies)

» Ayulabs Neogard Drops (Abdominal Colics)

» Ayulabs Nutrich Capsule (Hair Loss and Premature Greying)

» Ayulabs Nutrich Oil (Hair Loss and Premature Greying)

» Ayulabs Parolep Powder (Skin Care)

» Ayulabs Pause Capsule (Amenorrhoea and oligomenorrhoea)

» Ayulabs Penwel Capsule (Joint functions)

» Ayulabs Penwel Oil (Joint functions)

» Ayulabs Pepcer Capsule (Ulcer)

» Ayulabs Pepcer Suspension Syrup (Ulcer)

» Ayulabs Point Capsule (Microvascular Haemorrhage)

» Ayulabs Psora Capsule (Blood Purifier)

» Ayulabs Psora Liquid Wash (Facilitates tissue repair & regeneration)

» Ayulabs Psora Lotion (Facilitates tissue repair and regeneration)

» Ayulabs Psora Ointment (Blood Purifier)

» Ayulabs Ratisutra

» Ayulabs Refill Capsule (Natural Antioxidants)

» Ayulabs Reprost Capsule (Prostate hypertrophy)

» Ayulabs Rozlo Sugar Free Powder

» Ayulabs Sukhda Capsule (Piles & fissures)

» Ayulabs Sukhda Ointment (Piles & fissures)

» Ayulabs Suprada Capsule (Natal care)

» Ayulabs Tenil Tablets (Relieves anxiety)

» Ayulabs Ugo Tablets (In Non-specific Leucorrhoea)

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