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  • Ayurchem Artec Cream

    Ayurchem Artec Cream : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Specially formulated cream base for faster and deeper penetration. Ayurchem Ayurvedic Medicine Artec Cream relieves Pain Quickly. Ayurchem Artec Cream improves Mobility of Joints. Indication of Ayurchem Artec Cream : Swollen and Painful joints Muscular pains Sprains Stiff Neck and Lumbago Frozen Shoulder Neuro – muscular Pain and [...]

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  • Ayurchem Forgum Powder

    Ayurchem Forgum Powder : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine is a herbal dentrified to combat gums and teeth problems. Ayurchem Ayurvedic Medicine Forgum Powder improves circulation of blood to gums & teeth Strengthens gums and loose teeth. Indication of Ayurchem Forgum Powder : Gingivitis ( Dantavesha ) Periodontitis ( Soushira ) Bleeding Gums ( Upakusha ) Pericoronitis [...]

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  • Ayurchem Saina Nasal Drops

    Ayurchem Saina Nasal Drops : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine restores Normal Nasopharyngeal functions overcomes sinusitis and common cold syndrome. Ayurchem Ayurvedic Medicine Saina Nasal Drops promotes sinus drainage & Freedom from cold and flu. Ayurchem Saina Nasal Drops reduces nasal congestion, overcomes heaviness and pain over sinus, fever, chills and headache. Indication of Ayurchem Saina Nasal [...]

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  • Ayurchem Nodys Syrup

    Ayurchem Nodys Syrup : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Controls irritable bowel syndrome in sprue, amoebiasis and loos motions. Ayurchem Ayurvedic Medicine Nodys Syrup Abdominal Discomfort and Distention Controls irritable bowel syndrome. The vital prescription to tackle the situation in bacterial diarrhoea, sprue, malabsorption syndrome. Indication of Ayurchem Nodys Syrup : In Sprue, Amoebiasis and loose motions. [...]

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  • Ayurchem Ropak-C Healing Ointment

    Ayurchem Ropak-C Healing Ointment : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine enhance the wound healing natural way. Ayurchem Ayurvedic Medicine Ropak-C Healing Ointment pressure Ulcers ( Bed Sore ) Craked Heels and Sore. Ayurchem Ropak-C Healing Ointment – Burns, Pressure Ulcers ( Bedsore ), Diabetic Ulcers, Cracked Heels and Sore. Indication of Ayurchem Ropak-C Healing Ointment : Burns [...]

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  • Ayurchem Dologran Tablets

    Ayurchem Dologran Tablets : Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine relieves Splitting, Pricking and Pulsating types of headache. Ayurchem Ayurvedic Medicine Dologran Tablets reduces episodes and severity of migraine Prevents Recurrent Physical And Psychological Headache. Indication of Ayurchem Dologran Tablets : Migraine. Features of Ayurchem Dologran Tablets : Ayurchem Dologran Tablets prevents recurrent Physical and Psychological Headache. Ayurchem [...]

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