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  • Baksons Shaving Cream

    Baksons Sunny Hebals Shaving Cream With Natural Antiseptic Action of Aloe Vera, Calendula, Lemon and Neem Baksons Sunny Herbals Shaving Cream with natural antiseptic action gives you a clean smooth shave while providing your natural antiseptic protection of lemon & neem.Moisturizing properties of Aloevera keep skin soft and supple. Calendula’s natural restorative property infuses skin [...]

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  • Baksons Vitamin-D Plus Capsule

    Baksons Vitamin-D Plus Capsule Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement for Strong Bones, Boost Immunity Baksons Vitamin D plus capsules Vitamins play a key role in the development of our body and immune system. It helps in the growth of the body. Vitamin D : An essential nutrient which helps in absorption of calcium in the [...]

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  • Baksons Ginseng Plus

    Baksons Ginseng Plus A daily health supplement to keep you energetic and active

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  • Baksons Vita – E Capsule

    Baksons Vita – E Capsule Powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy skin, nails and hair

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  • Baksons Ginkgo Biloba 1x Tablets

    Bakson’s Homeopathy – Ginkgo Biloba 1x Tablets Improves Cerebral Blood Flow Gingko Biloba is indicated for the circulatory system and the brain. It is a famous brain tonic that improves the cerebral blood flow. Gingko Biloba helps treat and prevent problems with memory, senility and mental dullness. Clinical features include mental weakness, poor concentration. Irrational [...]

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  • Dr. Bakshis Homeopathic Skin Kit

    Dr. Bakshis Homeopathic Skin Kit 1 Dr. Bakshis Homeopathic Skin Kit contains ( 5 Vials each of 3.5 gms ). For Skin Problems : Your Companion for good health!. For Eczema & Rashes : For rashes, itching eruptions, dry, rough and scaly skin. For Acne / Pimples : For painful, hard, cystic Acne with pus [...]

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Bakson’s Homoeopathy

» Bakson's Acne Aid Cream (Clears Skin)

» Bakson's Acne Aid Tablets (Clears Skin)

» Bakson's Alfalfa Tonic (Promotes Health)

» Bakson's Alfavena Malt (Invigorating Tonic)

» Bakson's Aller Aid Tablets (Fights Allergic Rhinitis)

» Bakson's Astha Aid Syrup (Easy Breather)

» Bakson's Astha Aid Tablets (Easy Breather)

» Baksodent Gel

» Baksodent Tooth Paste

» Bakson AC#4 Tablet

» Bakson's AC#7 Tablet

» Bakson's Baksoint 10 Cream

» Bakson's Fevo Aid Syrup

» Bakson's Nasal Aid

» Bakson's Sept Aid Local Antiseptic Spray

» Bakson's Spondy Aid

» Bakson's Sunny Aloevera Calendula Bathing Bar

» Bakson's Sunny Boro Calendula Talcum Powder

» Bakson's Sunny Cocoa Butter Cream

» Bakson's Sunny Derm Aid Soap

» Bakson's Sunny Face Wash

» Bakson's Sunny Fairness Cream

» Bakson's Sunny Henna Powder with Arnica

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Akne Aid Soap

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Anti Wrinkle Cream

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Apple Pack

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Apricot Scrub

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Cream Bleach

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Lip Balm

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Neem Tulsi Soap

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Papaya Pack

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Shaving Cream

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Turmeric Soap

» Bakson's Sunny Herbals Under Eye Cream

» Bakson's Sunny Sun Care Cream SPF 30

» Baksons Ginkgo Biloba 1x Tablets

» Baksons Ginseng Plus

» Baksons Shaving Cream

» Baksons Sunny Herbals Body Oil

» Baksons Vita - E Capsule

» Baksons Vitamin-D Plus Capsule

» Bakson's Bakunil Syrup (For Renal Problems)

» Bakson's Bee Pee Drops (Maintains Blood Pressure)

» Calci Aid Tablet

» Bakson's Card Aid Drops (Heart Toner)

» Cineraria Euphrasia Eye Drops

» Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops

» Deep Cleansing Milk with Aloevera

» Diab Aid Drops

» Bakson's Dige Aid Syrup (Aids Digestion)

» Euphrasia Eye Drops

» Bakson's Face Scrub Aloevera with Cucumber & Papaya

» Bakson's Fem Aid Suspension (Female Tonic)

» Ferrum Plus

» Bakson's Flu Aid Tablets (Fights Flu)

» Bakson's Gastro Aid Syrup (Fights Digestive Disorders)

» Bakson's Gastro Aid Tablets (Fights Digestive Disorders)

» Bakson's Go Tox Drops (Detoxifier)

» Bakson's Gro up Drops (Growth Promoter)

» Bakson's Hair Aid Drops (Hair Tonic)

» Hair Aid Gel

» Bakson's Homoeopathic Formula D (Healthy Skin)

» Bakson's Homoeopathic Formula P (Protects Prostate)

» Bakson's Homoeovit Syrup (Health Restorative Tonic)

» Bakson's Kof Aid Syrup (Cough Reliever)

» Bakson's Kof Aid Tablets (Cough Reliever)

» Bakson's Laxat Aid Tablets (Laxative)

» Bakson's Liv Aid Syrup (Liver Tonic)

» Bakson's Menso Aid Syrup (Regulates Cycle)

» Bakson's Mig Aid Tablets (Relieves Headache)

» Moisturizing Lotion with Aloevera and Calendula

» Moisturizing Lotion with Aloevera and Rose

» Bakson's Mud Pack with Alovera Neem Tulsi & Lemon

» Bakson's Mullein Oil (Ear Drops)

» Pelvi Aid Tablet

» Pentaphos Liquid

» Bakson's Pentaphos Tablets (Health Promoter)

» Bakson's Phytolacca Berry Tablets (Figure Perfect)

» Bakson's Pilgo Tablets (Relieves Piles & Fissures)

» Bakson's Rheum Aid Gel (Maintains Mobility)

» Rheum Aid Oil

» Bakson's Rheum Aid Syrup (Maintains Mobility)

» Bakson's Rheum Aid Tablets (Maintains Mobility)

» Sunny Almond Shampoo with Aloevera

» Bakson's Sunny Aloevera Calendula All Purpose Cream

» Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner

» Bakson's Sunny Arnica Hair Oil (Hair Care)

» Sunny Arnica Montana Hair Oil

» Bakson's Sunny Arnica Shampoo (Hair Care)

» Sunny Henna Shampoo with Aloevera

» Sunny Shikakai Shampoo with Aloevera

» Bakson's Super Tonic (Male Restorative Tonic)

» Tense Aid Tablet

» Throat Aid Tablet

» Bakson's Tone Aid Plus (Revitalizer)

» Bakson's Tonsil Aid Tablets (Guards Infection)

» Bakson's Wart Aid Tablets (Wart Remover)

» Worm C Tablet

» Bakson's Y-lax Tablets (For Relieving Constipation)


» Bakson's #B1 Influenza & Fever Drops

» Bakson's #B10 Sleep Drops

» Bakson's #B11 Pain Drops

» Bakson's #B12 Headache Drops

» Bakson's #B13 Prostatitis Drops

» Bakson's #B14 Renal Drops

» Bakson's #B15 Female Drops

» Bakson's #B16 Vertigo Drops

» Bakson's #B17 Bones Drops

» Bakson's #B18 Teeth Drops

» Bakson's #B19 Colic Drops

» Bakson's #B2 Stomach Drops

» Bakson's #B20 Sugar Drops

» Bakson's #B21 Strength Drops

» Bakson's #B22 Sinus Drops

» Bakson's #B23 Skin Drops

» Bakson's #B24 Nausea Drops

» Bakson's #B25 Acne Drops

» Bakson's #B26 Injury Drops

» Bakson's #B27 Worms Drops

» Bakson's #B28 Weight Drops

» Bakson's #B29 Intercostal Drops

» Bakson's #B3 Diarrhoea Drops

» Bakson's #B30 Nocturnal Drops

» Bakson's #B31 Mensin Drops

» Bakson's #B32 Lax-N-Liv Drops

» Bakson's #B33 Cough Drops

» Bakson's #B34 Tumour Drops

» Bakson's #B35 Urinary Drops

» Bakson's #B36 Endocrine Drops ( Males )

» Bakson's #B37 Endocrine Drops ( Females )

» Bakson's #B38 Reactivating Drops

» Bakson's #B39 Cardio Pulmonary Drops

» Bakson's #B4 Heart Drops

» Bakson's #B40 Pleurisy Drops

» Bakson's #B41 Vitality Drops

» Bakson's #B42 Hematinic Drops

» Bakson's #B43 Hyper Hydrosis Drops

» Bakson's #B44 Convulsion Drops

» Bakson's #B45 Neural Drops

» Bakson's #B46 Right Abdominal Drops

» Bakson's #B47 Left Abdominal Drops

» Bakson's #B48 Vein Drops

» Bakson's #B49 Astha Drops

» Bakson's #B5 Gold Drops

» Bakson's #B50 Stimulant Drops

» Bakson's #B51 Laryngeal Drops

» Bakson's #B52 Arthralgia Drops

» Bakson's #B53 Hypochondriacal Drops

» Bakson's #B54 Pulmonic Drops

» Bakson's #B55 Fem Rheuma Drops

» Bakson's #B56 Thyrotoxic Drops

» Bakson's #B57 Memory Drops

» Bakson's #B58 Pneumo Hepatic Drops

» Bakson's #B59 Anasarca / Dropsy Drops

» Bakson's #B6 Inflammation Drops

» Bakson's #B60 Inflammed Mucosa Drops

» Bakson's #B61 Blood Purifier Drops

» Bakson's #B62 Circulation Drops

» Bakson's #B63 Kidney Drops

» Bakson's #B64 Dermato Drops

» Bakson's #B65 Cardiac Efficiency Drops

» Bakson's #B66 Shock Drops

» Bakson's #B67 Shingles Drops

» Bakson's #B68 Neuralgia Drops

» Bakson's #B69 Sciatica Drops

» Bakson's #B7 Climacteric Drops

» Bakson's #B70 Pancreatic Drops

» Bakson's #B71 Arthropathy Drops

» Bakson's #B8 Calcification Drops

» Bakson's #B9 Hemorrhoidal Drops


» Bakson's Aesculus Ointment

» Bakson's Apis Mellifica Ointment

» Bakson's Arnica Ointment

» Bakson's Belladonna Ointment

» Bakson's Calendula Ointment

» Bakson's Cantharis Ointment

» Bakson's Chrysarobinum Ointment

» Bakson's Echinacea Ointment

» Bakson's Graphites Ointment

» Bakson's Hamamelis Ointment

» Bakson's Hypericum Ointment

» Bakson's Rhus Tox Ointment

» Bakson's Ruta Ointment

» Bakson's S-Cure Cream

» Bakson's Sulphur Ointment

» Bakson's Thuja Ointment

» Bakson's Urtica Urens Ointment

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