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  • Stonex Capsules

    Bal Pharma Stonex Capsules Altered colloid’ – crystalloid ratio leads to precipitation of crystals in urine, which stick together and can grow into a ‘stone’. Smaller ones get excreted through urine but a large calculus can obstruct urine flow or can irritate the urinary tract mucosa. Small calculi are usually asymptomatic but, at times, can [...]

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  • Ashwamed Capsules

    Bal Pharma Ashwamed Capsule In today’s fast changing lifestyle, “chronic fatigue syndrome” is the most common complaint in urban areas. This is not the ordinary tiredness one feels after exertion but it is actually a somewhat vague illness, a psychosomatic disorder that may follow symptoms of acute viral infection. It is characterized by severe, prolonged [...]

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  • Prolife Capsules

    Bal Pharma Prolife Capsule Liver has to face constant insult as it is involved in first pass metabolism and detoxification of various pharmacological agents. Specific hepatic disorders further deteriorate the condition and can lead to anorexia, nausea, vomiting, weakness ( fatigue ), fever, jaundice, sleep disturbance ascites, oedema of feet or bleeding diathesis. Prolife Capsule [...]

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  • Suswas Capsules

    Bal Pharma Suswas Capsule Cough forms the most important respiratory symptom. It occurs due to irritation of mucous membrane anywhere in the respiratory tract. Most often it is an indication of infection of airways or lung parenchyma ( pneumonia, bronchitis, viral infections ), inflammation ( asthma ) or irritation ( tumors, enlarged lymph nodes, inhaled [...]

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  • Ayurfine Forte Capsules

    Bal Pharma Ayurfine Forte Capsule Arthritis is one of the common ailments affecting almost 2% population in the age group of 25 to 55 years. Rheumatism afflicts over 60 million people in Indian population. Studies carried out at All India Institute of Medical Science with the help of Indian Council of Medical Research have shown [...]

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  • Anarsha Capsules

    Bal Pharma Anarsha Capsule A mass of dilated, tortuous veins in the anorectum involving the veinous plexuses of that area constitutes hemorrhoids. Usually there is no detectable cause, but they may occur because of blockage to the passage of blood draining the intestines. They are also associated with constipation, and sometimes develop during pregnancy, when [...]

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