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  • Livex Syrup

    Livex is the hepatoprotective cum curative that stimulates, protects and regenereates the liver and to be used for liver aliments in all age groups. It is a Liver protective. Corrective & Regenerative most Authentic & clinically proven formula. It is well documented and comprehensive Liver protective, and Combination of natural essential amino acids, anti oxidant [...]

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  • Glycoban Capsules

    Allopathic treatment are done mainly by Oral hypoglycaemic Agents(OHA). No attempt is made to restore the pancreases, so by paying the needed emphasis, on this newly developing insight a group effort was put forward for the patients of latent and prediabetics, by launching a well designed Clinically evaluated GLYCOBAN capsule. Diabetes is commonly discussed and [...]

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  • PPH Balanced Cleanser Green Tea & Lemon Peel Juice Astringent

    Refresh and tighten your skin with C&G’s Astringent and Toner which is formulated to refine the pores and stimulate the skin without drying and flakiness. A perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine, C&G’s Skin Astringent is a refreshing splash of Green Tea & Lemon peel juice. It’s formulated with a patented active complex to [...]

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  • Allerin Tablets

    Allerin Tablet is free from any side effect and effective in allergies of skin and respiratory tract without side effects on the autonomous and central nervous system. Allerin Tablets Composition : Each Allerin Tablet Contains :   Khas (Pavonia odorata) Ext. 30 mg. Anantmul (Hemidesmus Indicus) Ext. 20 mg. Chopchini (Smilax China) 30 mg. Bavchi [...]

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  • Neem / Karanj & Lemon Shampoo

    Hair Fall Control. Lemon : Lightens hair, giving it luster and natural shine. Rich in Vitamin C and natural acids helps removing flaky dandruff & greasy scalp. Neem : Checks premature graying, prevents dandruff and promotes rich hair growth. Karanj : Extra nutrition to scalp, effectively remove flaky dandruff and strengthens from root to prevent [...]

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  • Arsol Capsules

    Arsol capsule is an indigenous therapy to control piles of I st & II nd degree, bleeding piles, anal fissure and painful defecation. The doctor will not like to operate a patient with anaemia, hypertention, diabetes or to a patient who is afraid of operations. In such case, we suggest to prescribe Arsol atleast for [...]

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Ban Labs

» Ban Labs Acidinol Tablets (Antacid, Antiflatulent)

» Ban Labs Allerin Tablets (Anti-Allergic, Allergic Coughs, Urticaria and Pruritus)

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Amla Aritha & Shikakai Shampoo

» Ban Labs Arsol Capsules (Haemorrhoids, Anal Fissures and Fistulae)

» Ban Labs Banovit Tablets (Geriatric Patients)

» Ban Labs Bravobal Capsules (Hemiphlegia, Cerebral Hypoxia and Menopausal Complications)

» Ban Labs Bravobal Syrup (Improves logical memory and learning process)

» Calcurosin Capsules

» Ban Labs Calcurosin Syrup (Urinary Tract Infection)

» Ban Labs Calcurosin Tablets (Urinary Tract Infection)

» Ban Labs Caley Hair Removal Cream (Effective and gentle hair removing)

» Ban Labs Caley Soap

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Charm & Glow Face Pack

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Charm & Glow Milk Almond Honey Shampoo

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Charm & Glow Milk Jasmine Shampoo

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Clear & Pure Lavender Oil & Orange Cleansing Milk

» Ban Labs Colicarmin Drops (Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Indigestion)

» Ban Labs Colicarmin Syrup (Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Indigestion)

» Ban Labs Crux Syrup (Spasmodic Cough)

» Ban Labs Cutfar Ointment (Used in Chilblain, Cuts and Wounds)

» Ban Labs Dermafex Capsules (Dermal Affection and Allergic Eczema)

» Ban Labs Dermafex Cream (Dermal Affection and Allergic Eczema)

» Ban Labs Dermafex Soap (Bacterial and Fungal Infections)

» Ban Labs Feroliv Capsules (Haemoglobin Percentage and R.B.C Count)

» Ban Labs Gastrex Tablets (Corrects Digestive Function and Constipation)

» Ban Labs Glycoban Capsules (Lowers Blood sugar & urine sugar)

» Ban Labs Lipan Capsules (Reduces Cholestrol level)

» Ban Labs Livex Capsules (Liver Protection)

» Ban Labs Livex Syrup (Liver Protection)

» Ban Labs Livex Tablets (Liver Protection)

» Ban Labs Lucogyl Capsules (Controls Leucorrhoea)

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Natural Vitamin E & Anti Oxidant Moisturising Lotion

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Neem / Karanj & Lemon Shampoo

» Ban Labs Ovarin Capsules (Increases Fertility, Helps Conception)

» Ban Labs Ovarin Syrup (Reduces Menopausal Disturbances)

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow PPH Balanced Cleanser Green Tea & Lemon Peel Juice Astringent

» Ban Labs R.Pairyn Tablets (Rheumatic Arthritis)

» Ban Labs Rhue Capsules (Rheumatioid Arthritis)

» Ban Labs Rhue Oil (Rheumatioid Arthritis)

» Ban Labs Six-C Ointment (Allergic Ulcers Skin Eruptions)

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Soya Protein Coconut Shampoo

» Ban Labs Suvarna Hair Treatment Shampoo (Premature greying & falling of hair)

» Ban Labs Suvarna Hair Vitalizer (Flaky Dandruff & Soothes Itchy Scalp)

» Ban Labs Charm & Glow Tulsi / Heena & Aloevera Shampoo

» Ban Labs Viton99 Capsules (Regulates all metabolic activities)

» Ban Labs Viton99 Syrup (Useful during Pregnancy and Lactation)

» Ban Labs Vysex Tablets (Sexual Weakness in Men and woman)

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