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Bipha Ayurveda Products

  • Bipha Tristrol Tablet

    Tristrol Tablet Lowers cholesterol levels, reduces hyperglycemia and thereby prevents the risk of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infraction Effective cholesterol lowering effects Significant effect on platelet aggregation and related thrombosis Lowers cholesterol levels, reduces hyperglycemia and thereby prevents the risk of arteriosclerosis and myocardial infraction Support adequate and healthy flow of oxygen rich blood to the [...]

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  • Bipha Selip Tablet

    Bipha Drug Laboratories – Selip Syrup and Tablet Ayurvedic Medicine Stops bleeding in piles Relieves itching and pain from piles Deflates pile masses effectively Regular therapy prevents recurrence of piles Reduces post-surgery recurrence of piles Relieves constipation and corrects bowel movement. Indication for use of Selip Syrup and Tablet: Haemorrhoidal Piles, Fistula, Apachi, Grandhi etc. [...]

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  • Bipha Parthalesunadi Tablet

    Bipha Drug Parthalesunadi Tablet Proven cardioprotective Proven hypo-cholestremic formula Reduces the incidence of myocardial infraction and stroke Strengthen cardiac muscles and function Ideal therapy for cardiovascular diseases Ingredients of Bipha Drug Parthalesunadi Tablet Arjuna – Terminalia Arjuna is useful in cardiac problems and in heart diseases complicated with liver diseases. Mridhwika – Vitis Viniferra is [...]

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  • Bipha Nimbarajanyadi Tablet

    Bipha Drug Laboratories – Nimbarajanyadi Tablet Effective remedy for Allergic rhinitis, Allergic asthma and urticaria Removes allergens by purifying the blood Protects from Respiratory Allergic infection Builds up the immune system Avoids recurrence chances Indication for use of Nimbarajanyadi Tablet: Cold, Chronic Cough, Skin Allergies, Rhinitis, Urticaria, Conjunctives, Respiratory, Asthma and Skin diseases. It is [...]

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  • Bipha MRY Plus Tablet

    Bipha Drug MRY Plus Tablets Foremost remedy for arthritis and immobilizing joint stiffness Specific activity to combat rheumatoid arthritis Potent analgesic and antiinflammatory effects Deter inflammatory white cells form infiltrating damaged tissue Strengthens muscle ligaments, tendons and supporting structures Improve blood flow to the joints, promotes absorption of exudates and revives healthy joints Effectively treats [...]

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  • Bipha Miobip Tablet

    Bipha Drug Laboratories – Miobip Tablet An effective solution for all sorts of migraines. Prevents pre-monitory symptoms and reduces the acuteness of migraine. Corrects the blood flow to cerebral cortex and there by resist migraine. Maintains optimum levels of serotonin to prevent occurrence of migraine. Cleanse the toxins in the blood which cause inflammatory headache. [...]

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