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  • Senzadol Oil

    Senzadol Oil A balanced combination of four effective Ayurvedic tailas that gives relief in the pain management therapy. Ideally suitable in the treatment with oil massage. Capro Labs Senzadol Oil Indications : Sandhi shoola ( Joint Pains ) Mamsagatha shotha ( Muscular Inflammation ) Shoola ( Pain ) Kati shoola ( Lumbago ) and Amavatha [...]

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  • Gid Syrup

    Gid Syrup The incidence of Gastro intestinal disorders are increasing day by day due to change in life style, fast food, stress and strain etc., GID syrup offers co – ordination of all physiological phases of digestion and thus found to be extremely useful on GID. Capro Labs Gid Syrup Indications : Agnimandya ( Loss [...]

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  • Shishutone Syrup

    Shishutone Syrup SHISHUTONE is a novel concept to develop a healthy body and mind in infants and children. Shishutone does not contain any synthetic chemicals or toxic substances. Hence it is remarkably safe in children. Capro Labs Shishutone Syrup Indications : Kshataksheena ( General debility ) Emaciated body Ajeerna ( Indigestion ) Aruchi ( Anorexia [...]

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  • Spirulinex Capsules

    Capro Labs Spirulinex is a food supplement of exceptionally high nutritional value. It is recommended to be used by all inclusive of Convalescing patients malnourished children & adults and healthy people who otherwise by default may miss out on essential nutrition body needs. Spirulinex Capsules Composition : Each Spirulinex Capsule contains : Spirulina – 500 [...]

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  • Hairich Oil

    Ayurvedic, Herbal and Natural Hair oil provided by us are of best quality. For hair health care and hair growth our product is best. The natural ingredients of our hair oil also treats many disorders of hair. Our products by virtue of its efficacy and cost effectiveness, has been well accepted by all its customers. [...]

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  • Cardiraksh Capsules

    Many cardiovascular drugs are available in the market today. They however do not treat the systems associated with cardiovascular disorders such as Tachycardia & Dyspnea. CARDIRAKSH is comprehensive approach to treat various cardiovascular disorders safely & effectively.

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Capro Labs

» Capro Labs Abcap Capsules (Safe Natural Detoxifier)

» Capro Labs Arjit Capsules (In Rheumatism and Arthritis)

» Capro Labs Arjit Forte Capsules (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

» Capro Labs Arjit Liniment (Rheumatism and Arthritis)

» Capro Labs Arjit Liniment Spray (Rheumatism and Arthritis)

» Capro Labs Broncap Capsules (Relieving Bronchial Congestion & Asthma)

» Capro Labs Broncof Syrup (Powerful mucolytic and muco kinetic action)

» Capro Labs Caproliv Syrup

» Capro Labs Cardiraksh Capsules (Protects Heart and prevents heart attacks)

» Capro Labs Chyavancap Capsules (Tones up immunity and energises the body-system)

» Capro Labs Diucap Capsules (Urinary Disorders)

» Capro Labs Epderm Capsules (Leucoderma and Psoriasis)

» Capro Labs Epderm Cream (Wounds, Acne Vulgaris, Skin Craks and Psoriasis)

» Capro Labs GID Capsules (Gastrointestinal Disorders)

» Capro Labs GID Plus Capsules (Peptic Ulcer, Hyperacidity and Epigastric Discomfort)

» Capro Labs Gid Syrup

» Capro Labs Glycem Capsules (Sugar Control Fordiabetic Patients)

» Capro Labs Hairich Capsules (Promotes Growth of Thicker Longer and Healthier Hair)

» Capro Labs Hairich Oil (Prevents and Treats Hair Fall, Premature Graying, Baldness)

» Capro Labs Hbcap Capsules (Chronic and Acute Anemia)

» Capro Labs Hepacap Capsules (Liver Protection)

» Capro Labs Lucap Capsules (Leucorrhoea and Dysmenorrhoea)

» Capro Labs Lucatone Syrup (Lucatone Syrup)

» Capro Labs Memocap Capsules (Improves Memory, Analytical Ability)

» Capro Labs Opcap Capsules (Opthalmogical Disorders)

» Capro Labs Pylapy Capsules (Piles and Anal Fissures)

» Capro Labs Pylapy Cream (Haemorrhoids, Anal Fissure, Fistula)

» Capro Labs Rathi Capsules (Harmonious Sexual Relationship)

» Capro Labs REF Capsules (Obesity and Associated Disorders)

» Capro Labs Senzadol Oil

» Capro Labs Shishutone Syrup

» Capro Labs Spirulinex Capsules (Excellent food Supplement)

» Capro Labs Vathapy Capsules (Parkinson's disease, Partial & Complete Paralysis)

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Capro Labs Herbal Products

Beauty Health :: Capro Labs ::

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