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  • Close-Up Diamond Attraction

    Close-Up Diamond Attraction Closeup’s new range – Diamond Attraction – is its most advanced whitening range ever. Exclusive blue light technology means that with just one brush, a blue film coats teeth and creates an optical effect that makes teeth appear whiter, instantly. Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups, extra head-turning in a night-club or being photo-ready [...]

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  • Close-up Toothpaste

    Close Up Menthol Chill Tooth Paste With a new Active Clean Mouthwash formulation, new Close Up Active Menthol Chill Gel Toothpaste is able to reach deep within the mouth to remove plaque, providing a cleaner mouth and long – lasting fresh breath. Close Up Menthol Chill Toothpaste’s microwhiteners and fluoride make the teeth look naturally [...]

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Beauty and Health Products - Closeup

Beauty Health :: Close-up ::

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