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Dermi Cool Products

  • Dermicool Soap

    Dermicool Soap

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  • Dermicool Powder

    In a country like India, where heat and humidity are the order of the day, the skin has a tendency to sweat a lot. As a result, the need to itch increases, and could become a cause of social embarrassment. Paras offered a solution that was aptly named – ItchGuard. The response to this new [...]

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  • Dermicool Skin Defense Talc

    Dermicool Skin Defense Talc – Oil Control, Nourishment, Protection, Freshness Talc Your skin is your defense against the extremities of the environment. But skin itself can fall prey to these extremities. As the name suggests, DermiCool Skin Defense Talc is your defense against bacteria, body odor and heat. It is a �refreshing� change from ordinary [...]

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Beauty Health :: Dermi Cool ::

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