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Dhathri Herbal Products

  • Dhathri Hair Protector – Concentrated Hair Oil

    Dhathri Hair Protector – Concentrated Hair Oil Dhathri Hair Protector is an Ayurvedic hair oil formulation in the form of cream that helps to protects hair from pollution, hair damages, dandruff, hair thinning, and hair fall and hair growth problems. Ingredients ROLE OF KEY INGREDIENTS IN DHATHRI HAIR PROTECTOR: Padavalam: Proven herb for its efficacy [...]

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  • Dhathri Ayurvedic Daily Hair Oil

    Dhathri Ayurvedic Daily Hair Oil Dhathri Ayurvedic Daily hair oil is a blend of selected Ayurvedic herbs which are having traditionally proven hair nourishing and hair growth promotion properties. On daily usage, it helps manage hair strands, reduce hair damages, control hair fall and hence support hair growth. Prevents Hair Fall : Daily care & [...]

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  • Dhathri Neelibhringadi Keram

    Dhathri Neelibhringadi Keram – Hair Growth Dhathri Neelibhringadi Keram promotes the growth of healthy hair.

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  • Dhathri Honey

    Dhathri Honey Provides all the minerals and vitamins to the body. Relieves cough and throat pain. Increases the immune power.

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  • Dhathri Dardoff Cream

    Dhathri Dardoff Cream An Ayurvedic Fast Pain Relieving Cream.

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  • Dhathri Oushadha Soap

    Dhathri Oushadha Soap Dhathri Manjari Oushadha soap contains very special herbal blends that prevents and give relief to common skin infections like eczema, erysipelas and psoriasis; protects the skin from germs and bacteria and makes the skin shiny and glossy. Dhathri Oushadha Soap gives long-lasting freshness, excellent for everyday use and is designed to make [...]

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Beauty and Health Products - Dhathri

Beauty Health :: Dhathri ::

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