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Gokul Products

  • Gokul Santol Talcum Powder

    Gokul Santol Talcum Powder’s main ingredient is micronized sandalwood powder. This powder is a natural coolent caused by sandal wood powder, help you escape during summer sweats and helps you keep pimples at bay. Gokul Santol Talcum Powder also helps you from burning sensation of the summar heat. Gokul Santol Talcum Powder has a mild [...]

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  • Gokul Sandiva Fairness Cream

    Gokul Sandiva Fairness Cream Use Gokul Sandiva Fairness Cream for long – lasting fairness and all day fairness. With Gokul Sandiva Fairness Cream experience the visibly fair & flawless skin 3 times longer lasting and 2 times brighter skin. Gokul Sandiva Fairness Cream with a unique combination of all natural ingredients, gives you skin that’s [...]

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Beauty Health :: Gokul Products ::

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