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  • Hamdaed Diabeat

    Hamdaed Diabeat Capsules for Diabetes Hamdard Diabeat Capsules for Healthy Blood Sugar, Naturally Regulates Metabolism & helps maintain normal Blood Sugar Levels. What is Diabeat ? A proprietary formulation of time tested herbs like Tukhm-e-Kalonji ( Black Cumin ), Tukhm-e-Methi ( Fenugreek ), Tukhm-e-Kasni ( Chicory ) & Neeb ( Margosa ). Diabeat helps provide [...]

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  • Hamdaed Lipotab

    Hamdaed Lipotab A proprietary formulation of time tested herbs like garlic, turmeric and catnip, Lipotab helps in reducing the elevated level of cholesterol to the normal level. Developed on the principles of Unani System of medicine, Lipotab has shown statistically significant lipid lowering effects. It not only helps in lowering the lipid level activity but [...]

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  • Hamdard Habbe Ambar Momiyaee

    Hamdard Habbe Ambar Momiyaee Indication for use of Hamdard Habbe Ambar Momiyaee : It is a patent aphrodisiac provides strength to heart, brain and nerves and increases semen production. Cardio- brain, nervetonic. Safe guard for libido in male. Removes the weakness of noble and reproductive organs due to worngfully our indulgence in sexual act durning [...]

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  • Hamdard Majun Salab

    Hamdard Majun Salab Indication for use of Hamdard Majun Salab : It helps to improve vigour & vitality in men. It removes impotency & spermatorrhea. It thickens consistency of semen. Dosage of Hamdard Majun Salab : 5 grams to be taken daily in the morning with 250 ml of milk.

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  • Hamdard Labub Kabir

    Hamdard Labub Kabir Indication for use of Hamdard Labub Kabir : It helps to give strength to brain, nerves and the muscles of the male sex organ. Improves Vigour and Vitality. Increases Sperm Count and checks spermatorrhea. It removes general and sexual debility. Dosage of Hamdard Labub Kabir : 10 gm, to be taken in [...]

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  • Hamdard Itrifal Muqawwi Dimagh

    Hamdard Itrifal Muqawwi Dimagh Itrifal Muqawwi Dimagh strengthens the brain and improves eye-sight. Itrifal Muqawwi Dimagh is useful in chronic cold & headache. Itrifal Muqawwi Dimagh Dosage 10 gm, to be taken with milk / water at bedtime.

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Hamdaed Products

Beauty Health :: Hamdaed ::

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