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  • Hansaplast Silverhealing Washproof

    Silverhealing Washproof Dry wounds are itchy and generally they take a long time to heal. Hansaplast Silverhealing Washproof was developed specifically for dry wounds. The plaster releases anti-septic silver which reduces the risk of wound infection. The released silver is non toxic and highly compatible with the skin.

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  • Hansaplast Corn Plaster

    Corn Plaster The Hansaplast corn plaster effectively removes corns with the help of salicylic acid. The plaster softens the corn and then the acid acts between the layers of the skin resulting in increased hydration which in turn leads to the wearer peeling off the corn effectively. The plaster is easy to apply and provides [...]

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  • Hansaplast Lion Heat Plaster

    Lion Heat Plaster Chronic back pain is not a condition that is easily manageable and most treatments involve the application of nasty smelling pastes and ointments. Hansaplast Lion Heat plaster provides consistent heat while blocking pain signals, all this without any odours! Directions for Application: After removing the back paper, apply the plaster on dry [...]

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  • Hansaplast Patch Knee & Elbow

    Hansaplast Patch Knee & Elbow Scrapes on knees and elbows are highly painful as they hurt with every bend of your body. Hansaplast patch plaster is tailor made specifically for knees and elbows so that flexibility is not compromised and the injury is dealt within a reliable and hassle – free manner.

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  • Hansaplast Spot All Purpose

    Spot All Purpose Scars and wounds on the face may seem harmless but even the tiniest wound is an invitation for bacteria. Hansaplast spot plaster is designed to cover up those wounds and ensure that the wound heals quickly and effectively. Its small and symmetric design takes care of the fact that your face isn’t [...]

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  • Hansaplast Lion Plaster Pain Relief Patch

    Hansaplast Lion Plaster Pain Relief Patch The Hansaplast Belladonna Plaster is ideal for aches and pains. The alkaloids extracted from the plant channel blood flow to the applied area and increase heat in that particular spot. The plaster can even be cut into strips for easy application. The plaster must be removed only after 2-3 [...]

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Beauty Health :: Hansaplast ::

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