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Health Drinks Products

  • Horlicks Protein Plus

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  • Horlicks Growth

    Horlicks Growth Horlicks growth Plus is an advanced health drink for growth and development of children. It is meant to nourish children who have fallen behind with their weight and height and is clinically proven to increase height and weight in 6 months. Enjoyed twice daily mixed with hot or cold water or milk, it [...]

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  • Bournvita Lil Champs

    Bournvita Lil Champs Bournvita Li’l Champs is a nutritional drink formulated for the children between the ages 2 to 5. Cadbury Bournvita Li’l Champs is designed with a nutrient bundle of 13 vitamins and 5 minerals essential to carry out the body’s important metabolic functions as it contains DHA ( Docosahexaenoic Acid ) and macronutrients [...]

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  • Abbott Mamas Best

    Abbott – Mama’s Best Abbott Mama’s Best supports nutritional needs during Pregnancy & Breastfeeding. Abbott Mamas Best contains low fat and zero trans-fat. Your nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding has a significant impact on your health and the growth & development of the baby. Mama’s Best is a specially designed nutritional supplement that supports balanced [...]

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  • Horlicks Pro Mind

    Horlicks Pro Mind Increases Concentration. Horlicks Pro Mind is the  best drink for the body! with its unique combination of wheat, malted barley and milk ingredients. It is a uniquely delicious drink. Horlicks doesn’t just taste great one mug contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals and is a rich source of Vitamin D – an [...]

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  • Horlicks Gold

    Horlicks Gold For healthy bones & muscle. Restore and maintain energy and vitality levels. Carrying a legacy of 100 years, Horlicks is a delicious malt-based drink that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It consists of a unique blend of nourishing ingredients, which are scientifically formulated to provide vitamins, calcium and protein. All of this [...]

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Beauty Health :: Health Drinks ::

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