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Herbo Flora Products

  • Ario Aloe vera Fruit Gel

    The Fruit Aloe Gel consists of natural aloe mixed with mixture of papaya and orange fruit extracts, which provide antioxidants, essential Vitamins and Minerals to the face. The Fruit Aloe Gel is highly suitable for oily skin The Fruit Aloe Gel has numerous beneficial factors, such as : Fruit Aloe Gel brings beauty and freshness [...]

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  • Ario Aloe vera Fairness Gel

    Fairness Gel is based on a unique formulation consisting of aloe vera and saffron. These are based on precise natural formula that is devoid of any kind of harmful chemicals or bleaching agents. This makes Fairness Gel suitable for all skin types and gentle enough to be used on daily basis. The Fairness Gel penetrates [...]

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  • Cucumber Gel

    Cucumber Cool Gel Cucumber Cool Gel improves the skin texture and quality. Cucumber Cool Gel reduces blackheads, pimples and fine age lines. Dry skin regains moisture and blood flow improves. Cucumber Cool Gel reduces excess oil from oily skin and give moisture to dry skin. Cucumber Cool Gel cleanses the skin and keeps it fit.

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  • Ario Aloe vera Gel

    Pure Aloe Gel has been extracted from fresh Aloe Vera plants. The Aloe is a popular houseplant, which has been used since, ancient times due to its multi-purpose remedial and medicinal properties. Aloe Vera’s thick leaves contain the valuable bio-active compounds, which are well proven to be beneficial in a large number of ways.

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Beauty Health :: Herbo Flora Products ::

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