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SBL Ointments

  • Ammi Visnaga Cream

    Ammi Visnaga Cream For depigmented patches, white spots on skin. Indications for use of Ammi Visnaga Cream Pales spots, depigmented patches, hypopigmentation, white spots on skin.

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  • SBL Ointments – Berberis Aquifolium Gel

    SBL Ointments – Berberis Aquifolium Gel Indications of Berberis Aquifolium Gel : Acne, Blotches and Pimples, Dry Rough Scaly Skin. Clears the Complexion. Keep in cool and dark place. For External use only.

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  • SBL Ointments- Echinacea

    SBL Echinacea Ointment Pomade Echinacea Antiseptics – Antiseptic Ointment For Wounds, Boils and Foul Ulcers Homeopathy SBL Ointments Echinacea Indications : Echinacea Ointment is an antibacterial ointment for boils, foul ulcers, non healing wounds, necrosis, insect bites and stings. Homeopathy SBL Ointments Echinacea Contents : Echincea Angustifolia MT – 10% v/w Ointment base q.s (White [...]

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  • SBL Ointments – Curoplus

    Homeopathy SBL Ointments Curoplus Indications : Dry skin conditions, Abrasions, Cuts and Bleeding, boils, Painful acne, Pimples, Darkening of skin due to exposure to sunlight, etc. Homeopathy SBL Curoplus Ointment Contents :   Calendula Officinalis MT 2% v/w Hamamelis virginica MT 2% v/w Echincea Angustifolia MT 0.5% v/w Bellis Perennis MT 1.0% v/w Berberis Aquifolium [...]

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  • SBL Ointments – Cantharis

    Cantharis Ointment treats Burned skin and inflammation Cantharis Composition : Cantharis Q. Cantharis Ointment Presentation : 15gm Tube, 50 gm Tube. Syptoms : Cantharis Ointment is for external use on Burned skin, inflammation, vesicular eruptions, with burning and itching.

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  • SBL Ointments – Aesculus

    Aesculus Ointments treats piles Aesculus Ointment Composition : Aesculus Hippocastanum Q. Aesculus Ointment Presentation : 15gm Tube, 50 gm Tube. Syptoms : Aesculus Ointment is for external use in Anal Swelling, Haemorrphoids – Piles, Prolapse uterus.

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SBL Ointments

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