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Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala

  • Brahmi Rich

    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala Brahmi Rich An Ayurvedic Preparation. Brahmi Rich Usage Indications : Brahmi Rich is an important Medhya combination in Ayurveda for improvement of intelligence, memory and revitalization of sense organs. Its clears voice and improves digestion. The drug is found to be very effective in case of anxiety neurosis. Composition of Kandamkulathy Brahmi Rich [...]

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  • Aswaghandhadi Lehyam

    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala Aswaghandhadi Lehyam An Ayurvedic Preparation. Indications for use of Aswaghandhadi Lehyam : Increases vigour Acts as antioxidant Increases body strength Increasing mental activity Decreasing stress Treating tumours Balances vata Improves conduction of nerve impulses. Dosage of Kandamkulathy Aswaghandhadi Lehyam : Adults : 2 Tablespoonful of Aswaghandhadi Lehyam twice daily or as directed by [...]

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  • Kumkumadi Lepam

    Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala Kumkumadi Lepam An Ayurvedic Fairness Cream. Kandamkulathy Kumkumadi Lepam, an Ayurvedic formulation, nourishes and revitalize your skin, reduces pigmentation, removes acne, sunburn, black spots and wrinkles, the ingredients enriches your complexion. Ingredients of Kumkumadi Lepam : Each 15g of Kumkumadi Lepam is prepared out of : Crocus sativus – 3g Santalum Album – [...]

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  • Eladi Chewable Tablet

    Indications for use of Eladi Chewable Tablet : For the effective control of cough and cold. Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Chewable Tablet : Each 100 gram of Eladi Chewable Tablet is prepared out of : Zingiber officinale – 4.000gm Cinnamomum cardamomum – 4.000gm Piper Longum – 4.000gm Piper nigram – 4.000gm Basella alba – 4.000gm Mesua [...]

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  • Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet

    Indications for use of Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet : For the effective control of cough and cold. Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet : Each Eladi Ginger Cough Tablet contains : Chukku – 210mg Camphor – 120mg Pepper – 210mg Cardamomum – 120mg Pachila – 90mg Kandakari – 90mg Adalodakam – 60mg Sugar – 2.1g [...]

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  • Eladi Cough Syrup (Sugar Free)

    Eladi Cough Syrup provides relief from cough of varied aetiologies. Since no sugar is added, the formulation can be safely taken by diabetic patients. Indications for use of Eladi Sugar Free Cough Syrup : For the quick relief of dry and productive cough, allergic and spasmodic cough, smokers cough and sore throat. Composition Kandamkulathy Eladi [...]

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Beauty and Health - Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala Products

Beauty Health :: Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala ::

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