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Lotus Herbals

Body Care

Description: Lotus:- Body Care Products - Moisturisers: Vanilla & Soy Daily Body Lotion, Mango & Honey Body Butter, Ayurvedic Cleansers: Honeymoist - Ultramoisturising Cleanser, Licoricewhite - Skin Whitening Cleanser, Citrusfresh - Purifying Cleanser, Clove-clear - Anti-pimples & Acne Cleanser and More Lotus Body Care Products...

Hair Care

Description: Lotus:- Hair Care Products- Shampoo: Olive & Hibiscus Gentle Créme Shampoo, Tangerine & Grapefruit Purifying Shampoo, Pear & Passion Flower Daily Balancing Shampoo, Conditioner: Olive & Avocado Restructuring Créme Conditioner, Tangerine & Peach Refreshing Conditioner, Pearfresh - Pear and Comfrey Daily Refreshing Conditioner, Anti-dandruff: Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Cranberry Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and More Lotus Hair Care Products...

Lotus Professional Kit Products

Description: Lotus :- Professional Kit Products - Lotus Professional Kits : 360 Eye Treatment Kit, Dipigmentone Kit, Glowdermie Kit, GoldSheen Kit, Hydranourish+ Facial Kit, Instafair Treatment Kit, Lotus Professional Kits - Rejuvina Kit and More Lotus Professional Kit Products...

Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Products

Description: Lotus :- Professional Phyto-Rx Products - Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx : Anti-Ageing Creme, Anti-Blemish Creme, Clarifying & Soothing Toner, Daily Deep Cleansing Face Wash, Deep Moisturising Creme, Eye Contour Rejuvenating Creme, Rejuvina Herbcomplex Protective Lotion and More Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Products...

Lotus - Skin Care Products

Description: Lotus:- Skin Care Products - Cleansers: Turmeric & Lemon Cleansing Milk, Toners: Rose Petals Facial Skin Toner, Moisturisers: Cocoa-butter Moisturising Lotion, Protectors: Sandalwood Sunscreen Lotion with Moisturiser, Nourishers: Wheat Germ Oil Facial Massage Crème, Correctors: Almond Anti-Wrinkle Crème, Enhancers: Tea Tree Clarifying Face Pack, Exfoliators: Strawberry & Aloe Vera Face Wash Scrub Gel, Skin care gels: Vitamin-E Anti Wrinkle Gel, Lip care: Lip Balm - Rehydrates Dry and Cracked Lips - Strawberry and More Lotus Skin Care Products...

Sun Care

Description: Lotus:- Sun Care Products- Safe Sun: Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte-Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40, Safe Sun Extreme Sun Block Cream SPF 60 UVA-INDEX 20, Safe Sun Fairness UV Block SPF 25, Safe Sun Intensive Sun Block Spray SPF 50 UVA-Index 16, Safe Sun Kids Sun Block Cream SPF 25, Safe Sun Indian Summer Sun Block Cream SPF 30, Safe Sun Sun Screen Gel SPF 20, Safe Sun Sun Block Cream SPF 20, After Sun: Safe Sun Replenisun After-Sun Gel, Safe Sun DE-TAN After-Sun Face Pack and More Lotus Sun Care Products...

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Beauty and Health Products - Lotus

Beauty Health :: Lotus ::

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