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Majju Honey Products

  • Dates in Honey

    Dates in Honey Known as a good source of vitamins and minerals dates are also contain rich proportion of calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. It is known to be high in sugar, fiber and is a high source of energy. When we combine honey with dates you can enjoy the nourishment and relish the [...]

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  • Almonds in Honey

    Almonds in Honey Backed with huge, quantity of rich minerals almonds are the healthiest amongst the nuts. Almonds are known for increasing memory, heart health, and prevents weight gain. Imagine the power that it will have once these are added to natural honey. The health benefits are simply numerous. Almonds contain the right amount of [...]

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  • Dryfruits in Honey

    Dryfruits in Honey Honey in itself comes with exceptional health benefits. By now we understand this. So make it even better we add dry fruits and give you an ultimate product that stands the best in the lot. Every dry fruit has unique healing features which when added to honey makes it unmatched. A spoon [...]

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  • Figs in Honey

    Figs in Honey Figs have high presence of minerals, vitamins and fiber and is highly beneficial in treating indigestion, piles, diabetes, cough, bronchitis, and asthma. Adding the goodness of honey to this wonderful fruit will maximise the health benefits. Include this to your routine and find a fitter you in no time. Low cholesterol Prevention [...]

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  • Monofloral Jujube Honey

    Monofloral Jujube Honey Extraction Method: Jujube Fruit flowers (Elantha Pazham in Tamil) blossom in the Himalayan and Rajasthan region during the months of September. This is extracted by the bees from our own natural farm. Benefits: Jujube Fruits have natural ingredients that are good for heart patients. How to use: Both children and adults can [...]

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  • Exotic Sub Himalayan Honey

    Exotic Sub Himalayan Honey Our Sub Himalayan Honey is extracted in Indias Sub Himalayan region, comprising of the states Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and West Bengal. Due to the rich flora and climate of this region, the honey obtained is of the top most quality and taste. Sub-Himalayan Honey contains vitamins, minerals [...]

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Majju Honey

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Beauty Health :: Majju Honey ::

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