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Nisargalaya Herbals Products

  • Nisargalaya Root Hair Shampoo

    Nisargalaya Root Hair Shampoo Nisargalaya Root Hair Shampoo is made with a combination of several beneficial herbs that penetrate the hair follicles and strengthen roots, stimulating them to increase hair growth for thick hair that is dandruff free. A special blend of herbs and proteins nourishes roots, preventing hair loss and helps to keep premature [...]

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  • Nisargalaya Shakthi Powder

    Nisargalaya Shakti Powder Nisargalaya Shakti Powder is created by combining 21 Ayurvedic herbs and helps in naturally increasing body weight by 15 kgs for a healthy and attractive body. Nisargalaya Shakthi Powder strengthens bones and muscles, rejuvenates the entire body by eliminating toxins, purifies blood and increases overall immunity. The herb extracts have a positive [...]

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  • Nisargain Xtra Power Plus

    Nisargain Xtra Power Plus : Discover the beauty of healthy life with treasure of Ayurveda, Nisargain Xtra power is a Non – hormonal, efficacious and safe aphrodisiac formulation made from the extracts of the below mentioned medicinal plants, which increases libido. Result of Nisargain Xtra Power Plus : Nisargain Xtra power is found to give [...]

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  • Nisarga Root Hair Oil

    Nisarga Root Oil Nisarga Root Oil strengthens the hair roots, and vitalizes it internally. Nisarga Root Oil acts by iniating the inactive hair roots to absorb the nutrients provided by food or medicine, also Nisarga Root Oil stimulates hepatofunctions, helps restore haemoglobin and provides essential salt and minerals for the healthy growth of the hair. [...]

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  • Nisarg Slim Tablets

    Nisarg Slim Tablets Life style changes have an enormous impact on health. A customized lifestyle modification strategy is an essential element in a comphrensive therapeutic plan, these adjustable lifestyle choices includes exercise, proper nutrition, weight management and stress reduction. A proper programming of weight management is required in order to lose those extra fat or [...]

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Beauty & Health Products - Nisargalaya Herbals Products

Beauty Health :: Nisargalaya Herbals ::

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