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Nycil Products

  • Nycil Fresh Fragrance Talcum Powder

    Nycil Fresh Fragrance Talcum Powder Nycil, leader in the prickly heat powder category from Kraft Heinz India enters the talcum powder segment with its new product ‘Nycil Fresh’ perfumed talc for women. Available in two variants, refreshing Blossom and pleasing Pearl, Nycil Fresh is developed with a special perfume lock technology that also releases fragrance [...]

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  • Nycil Powder

    Nycil Powder has a unique 3-way formula as well as fight pricky heat. Keeping your skin dry is the best way to prevent pricky heat. Nycil Talcum Powder contains 51% pharma – grade strach which absorbs sweat & keeps the skin dry. If the skin is already affected, Chlorphenesin in Nycil Powder protects against bacterial [...]

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Beauty and Health Products - Nycil

Beauty Health :: Nycil ::

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