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  • Pankajakasthuri Kaveri ( Milk ) Fairness Cream

    Kaveri Fairness Cream Ingredients : Each 20 gm of Kaveri Fairness Cream is prepared out of : Medicated Oil 12gm Cream Base 8gm Medicated Oil is prepared out of Turemeric 1.2gm Red Sandal 1.2gm Saffron 0.2gm Jasmine 0.4gm Milk 10gm Vegetable oil 12gm Kaveri Fairness Cream has a very special combination of herbal ingredients like [...]

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  • Pankajakasthuri Kaveri Hair Tonic

    Kaveri Hair Tonic is a highly effective remedy for falling hair and premature graying. Use Kaveri Hair Tonic and rejuvenate your hair from the root up. Direction of Kaveri Hair Tonic Usage : Apply Kaveri Hair Tonic on the scalp before every bath.

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  • Pankajakasthuri Dandruff Oil

    Pankajakasthuri Dandruff Oil offers a sure remedy for even the toughest dandruff problem. Use Pankajakasthuri Dandruff Oil to bring back the bounce into your hair. Directions of Pankajakasthuri Dandruff Oil Usage : Apply Pankajakasthuri Dandruff Oil on the affected part and massage gently for 15 minutes before every bath. Ingredients of Pankajakasthuri Dandruff Oil : [...]

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  • Ilogen Excel Tablets

    Ilogen Excel Tablet Ingredients : Each 500mg tablet is prepared out of : Curcuma longa : 500 mg Strychnos potatorum : 500 mg Salacia oblonga : 500 mg Tinospora cordifolia : 500 mg Vetiveria zizanioides : 250 mg Coscinium fenestratum : 250 mg Andrographis paniculata : 500 mg Mimosa pudica : 250 mg Medication for [...]

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  • Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy ( EC )

    Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy Granule & Syrup Contents : Indications: Bronchitis, Allergic Bronchitis, Eosinophilia, Cough and for building body resistance to diseases Dosage of Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy : Adult : 15g twice daily after food. Children : Half the adult dose Each 15g of Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy granule is prepared out of : Piper nigrum 500mg [...]

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  • Pankajakasthuri Clear Foot Cream

    Pankajakasthuri Clear Foot Cream is an ayurvedic remedy to preserve your feet. Pankajakasthuri Clear Foot Cream will protect you from the leg cracks. Pankajakasthuri Clear Foot Cream will give your feet very smooth and beautiful feeling. Pankajakasthuri Clear Foot Cream acts as a protective covering.

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» Pankajakasthuri Breathe Eazy ( EC )

» Pankajakasthuri Clear Foot Cream

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» Pankajakasthuri Kasthuri Herbal Soap

» Pankajakasthuri Kasthuri Cough Mix

» Pankajakasthuri Kaveri Fairness Cream

» Pankajakasthuri Kaveri Hair Tonic

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» Pankajakasthuri Mygrane Oil

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