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  • Protinex Junior Vanilla

    Protinex Junior The Goodness of Protinex Nutrition for the growing up years. New Protinex Junior is a specially formulated nutritional supplement that promotes all round physical and mental growth, and builds immunity in children during the critical growing up years. Protinex Junior Vanilla contains : Superior combination of Wheat, Milk and Soy protein for optimum [...]

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  • Protinex Mama

    Mama Protinex � The best nutrition for you during pregnancy Mama Protinex is a protein rich supplement that contains high quality protein and DHA which is essential for physical and brain development of the foetus. Besides protein and DHA, Mama Protinex also contains many essential nutrients and vitamins which play a significant role in your [...]

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  • Protinex High Protein Supplement Original

    Protinex is the ideal protein supplement. Protinex High Protein Supplement is scientifically formulated and is fortified with all essential Vitamins & Minerals, of special importance being Iron, Calcium & Folic acid for both adults and children. Protinex Protein Powder supplies essential amino acids, which makes it a wholesome nutritional supplement for adults. Protinex Original supports [...]

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  • Protinex High Protein Supplement Vanilla

    Protinex Vanilla is the ideal protein supplement and is scientifically formulated. Protinex High Protein Supplement Vanilla, with a high protein content, supplies essential Amino Acids and is fortified with essential Minerals & Vitamins. This makes Protinex Vanilla a wholesome nutritional drink for adults. Protinex Protein Powder also supports healthy growth of children. 1-2 glasses of [...]

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  • Protinex Total

    Indian diets are high on carbohydrates & fats and low on important nutrients like Protein, Iron, Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids – thus increasing the risk of lifestyle disorders such as obesity, cholesterol, heart disease etc. Hence, the need for a supplement which is nutritionally complete, can fill the nutritional gaps and helps in [...]

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  • Protinex Diabetic Protein Supplement Diabetes

    Protinex Diabetes is a scientifically advanced protein supplement, for good health in Diabetes. Due to dietary restrictions, Diabetes places special nutritional demands on the body. And it is critical that right nutrition be taken to satisfy these demands. Protinex Protein Powder is engineered to meet these needs. In addition to providing the right nutrition, it [...]

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