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  • Ranikalpam Powder

    Ranikalpam Powder Usage Direction : 1 table spoon of Ranikalpam Powder mixed with half glass hot water 3 times a day before meal. Sugar may be added according to your taste. Ranikalpam Powder Indication : Removes constipation and gets full and fast relief of piles complaint. Powder Form Ingredients : Each 100gm of Ranikalpam Powder makes [...]

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  • Ranimalt

    Ranimalt replenishes and revives lost vigour and vitality, rejuvenates and provides a new lease of life, blood circulation, keeps youthful vigour, prevents burning of stomach and improves general health. Ranimalt Usage Directions : 2 teaspoon full of Ranimalt twice daily after food. Ranimalt Ingredients : Myukunapruritahuck : 02.26 Asparagusrasimoses : 03.81 Sugarcane : 4.46 Molasses [...]

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  • Ranikalpam Ghee

    Ranikalpam Ghee Indications : Removes constipation and relieves Piles. The sure and best remedy for stomach pain, backache, heart burn, impure blood, flatulence, headache, mental and physical weakness, sleeplessness, gas trouble and all other conditions due to constipation and Piles. Ranikalpam Ghee Usage Direction : Adults : 1 teaspoon full of Ranikalpam Ghee twice daily morning [...]

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  • Ranitone

    Ranitone Indication : Identical for prevention of Gynecological and urological problems and leucorrhoea in women. Ranitone Usage Direction : Two tablespoonful of Ranitone twice daily morning and evening before food. Ranitone Ingredients : Each 100 g. of  Ranitone makes out of : Ghee : 70g. Phyllanthus Emblica : 0.375 g. Beninkasa Hispida : 0.375 g. [...]

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Beauty and Health - Ranitone Products

Beauty Health :: Ranitone ::

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