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Rasasi Perfume Products For Women

  • Royale Blue Rasasi Perfumes

    Royale Blue for Women, Eau De Parfum, 50ml, by Rasasi The quest for a perfect fragrance has now been fulfilled. The fragrance of the Rasasi Royale Blue Woman is the unimaginable scent with power which lays the stone paved path to overcome the blues. Now he knows looking at the air around her, the scented [...]

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  • Life Rasasi Perfumes

    Rasasi Life for Women, Eau De Parfum, EDP, 75ml, by RASASI The essence of a modern woman. The one who goes beyond her goals and has the soul of a champion. Rasasi Life for Women has a fragrance that invites her to express the many facets of her personality. Rasasi Life is a fragrance par [...]

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  • Confidence Rasasi Perfumes

    She’s got the looks, the charm, and the power. A woman who knows who she is and what she wants. She lets her ‘Confidence’ be her guide. There is nothing shy about the presence of pink pepper, accentuating her demeanour, as she holds her head up high, embracing the challenges of the day. By afternoon, [...]

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  • Deserve Rasasi Perfumes

    Rasasi Deserve for Women Feminine Eau de Parfum Floral Sparkling / Floral Fruity / Woody Musky Deserve, Eau De Parfum, by Rasasi, The fragrance of Rasasi Deserve is a floral, sparkling and enveloping. Rasasi Deserve Perfume is a touch of madness with a little provocation, a surprising fantasy. Rasasi Deserve is presented in a bottle [...]

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  • Chastity Rasasi Perfumes

    A clean transparent fragrance in Chastity Rasasi Perfume gives a lot of freshness enlivened with green fruity top notes. The rundown gives a lasting character and power to the base softened by musk. The fragrance in Rasasi Chastity Perfume epitomizes a striking new image of a fresh, young woman that matches the essence of purity. [...]

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  • Rasasi Feelings for Women

    The rising tempo of sensuality begins to pulsate. With Feelings so whimsical that they lend you wings. With Feelings so whimsical that they lend you wings. With Feelings so mischievous that they make you scintillate. With Feelings so volatile that they storm your being. With Feelings so exciting that they set you aglow. Only with [...]

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Rasasi Perfume Products for Women

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