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  • Sagar Arthnex Forte Tablets

    Sagar Arthnex Forte Tablets Features of Sagar Pharma Arthnex Tablets : Rational combination – Raasna Panchaka well known classical formulation. Dual mode of actions – Symptoms relieving & Disease modifying. Safe for long term use in all type of arthritis. Presentation : 40g Container Pack. Indications : Blister pack of 12 x 10’s. Directions for [...]

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  • Sagar H-Gum Gum Massage Powder

    Sagar H-Gum Gum Massage Powder Features of Sagar Pharma : Microfine smooth powder. Improves circulation of gums. Improves gingival health of smokers & tobacco users. indicates classical combination of Haritaki, Vibhitaki & Amalaki. Presentation : 40g Container Pack. Indications : Gingivitis, Periodontitis. As a prophylactic in complications of gums in diabetes & gynaec cases. Directions [...]

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  • Sagar Anuloma Churna

    Sagar Anuloma Churna Features of Sagar Pharma Anuloma Churna : A rational combination of senna, yashtimadhu & powerful carminatives. Brings about strain free evacuation even among the chronic sufferers due to high fiber content in senna powder. Presentation : 50g Pet container. Indications : In constipation associated with – Piles, Old Age, After Operation, Pregnancy, [...]

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  • Sagar Depile Ointment

    Sagar Depile Ointment Features Sagar Pharma Depile Ointment : Provides instant relief from pain, itching, bleeding due to piles. Safe during pregnancy. Presentation : 50G tube pack. Indications : Piles ( bleeding & non bleeding ), Internal and external hemorrhoids. Directions for use : Apply Depile ointment with the help of an applicator before & [...]

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  • Sagar Winsor Ointment

    Sagar Winsor Ointment Features of Sagar Pharma Winsor Ointment : Relieves dryness, itching, scaling, bleeding & pain. Does not flare on withdrawal. Safe for long term use. Presentation : 50G tube pack. Indications : Plaque psoriasis, Palmar & Plantar psoriasis, Guttate psoriasis, Flexural psoriasis. Directions for use : To be applied on the effected part [...]

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  • Sagar H Gum Gel

    Sagar H Gum Gel Ayurvidic Proprietary Medicine : Direction for use : The gums should be massaged with adequate amount of gel with the help of index finger.

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Beauty Health :: sagar ::

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