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Sallaki Products

  • Sallaki XT Tablets

    Sallaki XT Tablet Composition : Each uncoated Sallaki XT Tablet contains extract of : Salai Guggul ( Boswellia serrata ) – 400 mg Erand mool ( Ricinus communis ) – 20 mg Guduchi ( Tinospora cordifolia ) – 20 mg Excipients – q.s. Sallaki XT Tablet Usage Indications : Gout Synovitis Musculoskeletal disorders Dosage for [...]

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  • Sallaki Forte Tablets

    Sallaki Forte Tablets Composition : Each uncoated Sallaki Forte Tablet contains : Boswellia Serrata Extract – 400 mg Salai Guggal Extract Haldi Extract – 20 mg Curcuma Longa Extract Sunthi Extract – 20 mg Zingiber Officinale Extract Excipients – q.q. Sallaki Forte Usage Indications : Osteo arthritis, myositis, fibrositis. Sallaki Forte Dosage : As directed [...]

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  • Sallaki M.R Tablets

    Sallaki M.R Tablets Sallaki M.R Tablet is a muscle relaxant. Benefits of Gufic Biosciences Sallaki M.R Tablets : Novel combination for the 1st time in the world. Acts as anti-imflammatory, analgesic. Provides muscle relaxant properties. Indications of Gufic Biosciences Sallaki M.R Tablets : Skeletal muscle spasm Low back pain Strain Sprain Sports injuries. Sallaki M.R [...]

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  • Sallaki Liniment

    Sallaki Liniment Sallaki Liniment for joint pains and inflammation. Benefits of Gufic Biosciences Sallaki Liniment : Combination of well proven ingredients. Having anodyne ( pain relieving ), anti-inflammatory and rubefacient properties. Spreads evenly and ensures better penetration. Indications of Gufic Biosciences Sallaki Liniment : Arthritis Gout Frozen shoulder Synovitis Joint pains and inflammation Backache Fibrositis [...]

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  • Sallaki Plus

    Strengthens Joints to Cope with Muscular Pains. Sallaki Plus Benefits : A new therapeutically different treatment in arthropathies. Herbal, natural product, devoid of side effects commonly seen with NSAID�s. Very Potent Salai Guggul. Standardised formula. Powerful analgesic & anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic drug. Available in all dosage forms. Safe for long-term treatment. Indications : Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, [...]

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  • Sallaki Ointment

    Sallaki Ointment contains extract of Salai guggal in standardised form which has powerful anti inflammatory, analgesic and anti rheumatic action. Sallaki Ointment is highly effective in the management of mussel’s skeletal disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo, arthritis, cervical spondylitis, and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Sallaki Ointment is also effective in Low Back Pain, Sciatica and Sprain Sallaki [...]

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Beauty Health :: Sallaki Products ::

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