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Sandu Pharmaceutical Products

  • Sandu Vanari Kalpa

    Sandu Pharmaceuticals Vanari Kalpa Benefits for use of Vanari Kalpa : Cowitch (Mucuna Prurience) seeds in Granule form It has spermatogenic action. It improves quantity and quality of sperm per ejaculate. It is useful in oligospermia. It is also an nervine tonic and therefore is useful in disorders of nervous system. It contains L-dopa in [...]

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  • Sandu Jaundex Syrup

    Sandu Pharmaceuticals Jaundex Syrup Medicinal uses of Jaundex Syrup : Jaundice and viral hepatitis Drug induced hepatitis Alcoholic hepatitis Pre cirrhotic conditions Adjuvant to hepatotoxic drugs like anti-TB medicines As an adjuvant to anti-cancer drugs. Benefits for use of Jaundex Syrup Eliminates liver toxins out of body Reduces serum billirubin, SGOT and SGPT levels Stimulates [...]

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  • Sandu Stresan Tablets

    Sandu Pharmaceuticals Stresan Tablets Benefits of Stresan Tablets : Relieves stress, strain and anxiety Relieves depression and mental fatigue Calms mind and rejuvenates body Improves physical and mental activities Helps to prevent further complications in hypertension and cardiac diseases. Indications for use of Stresan Tablets : Anxiety, Tension, Depression, Mental fatigue, Memory disturbances, Stress related [...]

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  • Sandu Shatari Granules

    Sandu Pharmaceuticals Shatari Granules There is no substitute for mother’s milk and keeping this truth in mind SHATARI Granules are formulated to meet the nutritional demand of both mother and the child. Shatari is specially suited to conditions where there is an inadequacy of breast milk in nursing mothers. It has clinically proven galacogogue property. [...]

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  • Sandu Osteon D Tablets

    Sandu Pharmaceuticals Osteon D Tablets Medicinal Uses of Osteon-D Tablets : Menopausal osteoporosis Senile osteoporosis Pregnancy and lactation Growth phase of children Elderly people Healing of fractures Mode of action for Sandu Osteon-D Tablets : OSTEON – D provides rich source of natural calcium and zinc. OSTEON – D improves liver function and thus helps [...]

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  • Sandu Ephenin Tablets

    Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ephenin Tablets A research product from the House of Sandu containing Somlata and Shwaskuthar Ras. It is highly recommended for bronchial asthma and such other difficult respiratory disorders. Offered in convenient tablet form.

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Sandu Pharmaceutical Products

Beauty Health :: Sandu Pharmaceuticals ::

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