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  • Sesa Hair Food

    Sesa Hair Food SESA HAIR FOOD is specifically designed formula with an advantages of nature’s own ingredients like almond, Olive, Avocado, Wheat Germ Oil, Lemon Oil and Hydrolysed Pea Protein which helps. Consist of vital ingredients for nourishment of hair root and scalp. Prevents hair loss. Prevents dandruff and itchy scalp. Gives smooth, silky and [...]

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  • Sesa Shampoo with Nourishing Oil

    Sesa Shampoo with Nourishing Oil Sesa shampoo with nourishing oil is a superior nutritive formula for dry to normal hair infused with unique blend of hair nourishing oils to moisture needy hair. Almond oil and olive oil present in it is a rich source of Vitamin E.

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  • Sesa Silk and Shine Shampoo

    Sesa Silk and Shine Shampoo Sesa Silk & Shine Shampoo is an advanced formula enriched with natural ingredients that readily soften and polish rough texture leaving hair smooth, silky and shiny. Sesa Silk & Shine Shampoo contains plant Silicones and aquaxyl which reduces loss of moisture from hair.

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  • Sesa Hair Color

    Sesa: Herbal Care for Healthy Hair Sesa the most prominent name in hair care, with its expertise, since 1966 and constant research & development now brings Sesa hair color which is enriched with 3 exotic hair nourishing herbs. Sesa hair color not only colors the hair but also provides rich nourishment for healthy & strong [...]

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  • Sesa Hairfall Therapy ( Lotion 100ml + Shampoo 100ml )

    Sesa Hair Fall Therapy Sese Hair Fall Therapy ( Hair Lotion + Shampoo ) : Contains Protein, Vitamins & Minerals which helps to nourish hair Protects existing hair stem cells from UV damage & Ageing, Gives Complete nutrition to scalp & protects hair fall Reduce the formation of split ends Improves the condition of damaged [...]

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  • Sesa Hair Oil

    Sesa Hair Oil is one of the most authentic herbal hair vitalizer, researched from house of ban labs ltd. Sesa Hair Oil is exclusively designed by treating time tested& trusted 18 hair nutritional herbs with milk followed by synergising the quality with 5 hair-conditioning oils. Sesa Hair Oil is enriched with essential pro-vitamins e& c [...]

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