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  • Sunarin Capsules

    Sunarin Capsules Ayurvedic treatment for anal maladies & piles. Sunarin Capsules : Relieves constipation, checks “gas” formation, regulates bowel habits. Regularises liver functions & overcomes portal congestion. Relaxes distention & painful discomfort at the junction of rectum & anus. Checks bleeding & prevents blood losses. Overcomes venous stasis and tones up venous walls. Combat & [...]

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  • Palsinuron Capsules

    Palsinuron Capsules Palsinuron Capsules improves metabolic processes in CNS & PNS, activates neuro – muscular communication. Regulates blood supply in affected areas, overcomes anoxia, stimulates cerebro – neural activity. Palsinuron Capsules promotes healing of damaged nerves & blood vessels, Recanalises blood vessels. Palsinuron Capsules provides nutrition support to nervers & bloos vessels. Palsinuron Capsules contains [...]

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