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  • Shahnaz Skin Nourshing Cream

    Shahnaz Skin Nourshing Cream is a unique preparation, specially formulated to preserve the youthful qualities of the skin. Shahnaz Skin Nourshing Cream contains the extracts of Vetiver and Date, along with ashes of Diamond and Tankana, helps to purify the skin and remove toxins, improving cell regeneration. Shahnaz Skin Nourshing Cream revitalizes and rejuvenates the [...]

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  • Shahnaz Diamond Soap

    Shahnaz Diamond Soap – Ayurvedic Medicine (for external use only) Indications: Shahnaz Diamond Soap is a luxurious blend of natural extracts that leave the skin naturally clean, fresh and fragrant. Shahnaz Diamond Soap removes impurities and helps to replace oils, moisturizing the skin and protecting its soft, natural beauty. Regular usage of Shahnaz Diamond Soap [...]

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  • Shahnaz Skin Rejuvenating Mask

    Shahnaz Skin Rejuvenating Mask contains extract of masoorika and oil of orange, combined with Yashad and Diamond Ash help to strengthen the skin’s supportive tissues, increasing vitality and delaying the formation of wrinkles and lines. Shahnaz Skin Rejuvenating Mask helps to enhance both health and beauty of the skin. Makes the skin appear firm and [...]

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  • Shahnaz Exfoliating Scrub

    Shahnaz Exfoliating Scrub is a unique complex of powerful Diamond “bhasma”(ash), combined with Cucumber, Rose, Walnut particles, as well as oils of Almond, Lemon and Olive. Shahnaz Exfoliating Scrub is specially formulated to exfoliate the skin on the face and body, it facilitates the removal of dead cells, making the skin texture appear refined, revitalized [...]

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  • Shahnaz Rehydrant Lotion

    Shahnaz Rehydrant Lotion contains the extracts of Basil, Date and Carot Seed in combination with ash of Diamond, the moisturiser improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and hydrate itself. The skin’s elasticity and resilience improves with regular usage of Shahnaz Rehydrant Lotion, making it supple and firm, and is useful in skin diseases. Shahnaz [...]

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Description: Shahnaz Husain's Diamond Range Products - Exfoliating Scrub, Rehydrant Lotion and Skin Nourshing Cream and Skin Rejuvenating Mask More Shahnaz Diamond Range Products...

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Shahnaz - Diamond Range

Beauty Health :: Shahnaz :: Diamond Range ::

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