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  • Santoor Pure Glo Glycerin Soap

    Santoor Pure Glo Glycerin Soap Santoor PureGlo bathing bar is a perfect fit for winters when the skin usually becomes dry and lifeless. Santoor PureGlo helps moisturize skin with its natural ingredients – glycerin, honey, and almond oil, thus giving it a youthful glow

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  • Mysore Sandal Gold Soap

    Mysore Sandal Gold Soap The glamorous entrant to the Sandal family, the result of intensive research by the Company to bring out the best soap in the Country with pure Sandalwood Oil, Almond oil and Moisturizer. For more who always look for the very best. Mysore Sandal Gold Soap Ingredients : Sodium palmitate, Stearate, Oleate [...]

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  • Margo Active Glycerine Soap

    Margo Active Glycerine Soap Margo represents a heritage which has been passed on to generation after generation, since 1920. Margo has become a household name across India, through its unique anti-bacterial property, which stems from pure neem oil. Neem has been a part of the Indian tradition for ages, as a natural anti-bacterial agent, useful [...]

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  • Mysore Sandal Classic Soap

    Mysore Sandal Classic Soap The only soap of its kind with the careful blending of glycerine and pure sandalwood oil, to moisturise and nourish the skin and with a fragrance that lingers all day long. With a fragrance that lingers all day long. Mysore Sandal Classic Soap Ingredients : Sodium palmate, Sodium PALM kernelate, Sodium [...]

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  • Medimix Clear Glycerine Soap

    Medimix Clear Glycerine Medimix Clear Glycerine Oil Balance Soap Brings balance to Oily Skin by cleansing excess oil. It contains a time tested combination of Eucalyptus Oil, Mint & Glycerine, which helps to keep skin clear from excess oil and acne. Use daily to keep your skin Smiling. Medimix Clear Glycerine Deep Hydration Soap Refreshes [...]

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  • Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap

    A proprietary ayurvedic medicine for external use only. Prepared from genuine herbal extracts and high quality vegetable oils. Free from any type of preservatives and animal fat.

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Beauty Health :: Soap :: Herbal Soap ::

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