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  • Nirocil Tablet

    Nirocil Syrup & Tablet – A Dependable Anti-viral Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine Nirocil Tablet contains Bhumyamalaki ( Phyllanthus niruri, Syn. Phyllanthus amarus ), which is well known for its anti-viral and hepatoprotective activity as confirmed in various animal studies as well as clinical trials. Benefits of Nirocil Tablets : Nirocil Tablet is reliable Hepatoprotective, Nirocil Tablet [...]

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  • Myostaal Liniment

    Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine : Massage is one of the most ancient and time tested therapies for management of pain as well as strengthening the joint structure. Myostaal Linment/Gel is a balanced combination of ingredients beneficial in the treatment of joint disorders. Myostaal Liniment/Gel massaged on the affected joint provides remarkable relief in the acute symptoms [...]

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  • Radona Syrup

    Radona Syrup – Ensures Complete Dermal Care Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine Radona Syrup is an effective formulation for allergic and inflammatory skin disease. Benefits of Radona Syrup : Radona Syrup relieves itching & burning sensation. Radona Syrup controls oozing from lesions. Radona Syrup improves skin complexion. Radona Syrup possesses potent anti-microbial and anti-oxidant effect. Composition of [...]

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  • Vimliv Fortified Syrup

    Vimliv Fortified Syrup – A Comprehensive Liver Tonic Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine Vimliv Fortified Syrup is a rationale combination of hepatoprotective herbs mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures for the treatment of liver ailments. Benefits of Vimliv Fortified Syrup : Vimliv Fortified Syrup reduces inflammation in the liver. Vimliv Fortified Syrup facilitates regeneration of hepatocytes & prevents hepatic [...]

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  • Myostaal Forte Tablets

    Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine Myostaal Forte Tablet is a comprehensive formulation for the management of joint disorders. Myostaal Forte provides combined effect of Guggulu ( Commiphora wightii ) and Shallaki ( Boswellia serrata ), established anti-inflammatory & anti-arthritics for better therapeutic efficacy. Also, it provides co-ordinated effect of herbs like Ashvagandha (Withania somnifera), Haridra ( Curcuma [...]

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  • Pyroflex Liniment

    Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine : Pyroflex Liniment is a balanced combination of counterirritants and rubefacients without skin damaging ingredients. In acute & deep-seated muscloskeletal pain Pyroflex Liniment provides prompt relief. Benefits of Pyroflex Liniment Usage : Pyroflex Liniment promptly obscures afferent pain impulses. Pyroflex Liniment effectively relieves deep seated pain. Pyroflex Liniment is devoid of skin [...]

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