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Swadeshi Ayurved

  • OrthoCure-X Oil

    OrthoCure-X Oil OrthoCure-X Oil pack size 100 ml and combo pack with capsule. Removes joint pains, backbone pain and swelling. Relieves in pain by enhancing blood circulation. Beneficial in all types of vatta vyadhi. Most effective in rheumatoid arthiritis, shoulder pain, knee pain and spondylitis.

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  • Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Ras

    Karela Ras ( Bitter Gourd Juice ) Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Ras is useful in obesity, poisoning and fever. Karela Ras improves functional activity of stomach and liver. Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Ras corrects – Menstrual disorder & lactation disorder. Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Ras removes blood related diseases by purification. Karela Ras emoves infection of skin and [...]

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  • Swadeshi Ayurved Kesr Amla Ras

    Swadeshi Ayurved Kesr Amla Ras has the purest extracts of kesar and amla. Swadeshi Ayurved Kesr Amla Ras has various ingredients which has several benefits like : Amla Checks the bad ageing effects Improves Immunity Vital Tonic ( Rasayan ) Source of extra energy Improves the internal power of the body Saffron Keeps you always [...]

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  • Swadeshi Ayurved Triphala Ras

    Best for Diabetic Patients Triphala Ras Benefits : Swadeshi Ayurved Triphala Ras controls the harmful effects of Diabetes. Triphala Ras corrects digestion. Triphala Ras controls blood pressure. Swadeshi Ayurved Triphala Ras improves the eye sight. Triphala Ras controls unwanted greying and falling of hair. Swadeshi Ayurved Triphala Ras makes the body slim and smart. Triphala [...]

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  • Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Jamun Ras

    Natural health & yoga purpose under traditional way. Do not use Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Jamun Ras in pregnancy & lactation without professional health care advise. Consume Swadeshi Ayurved Karela Jamun Ras within days after opening the container. Swadeshi Ayurveda present a unique range of products using pure herbal extracts/fresh herbs/fruits combining ancient knowledge with modern [...]

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  • Swadeshi Ayurved Aloevera Juice

    Aloevera Juice : Corrects digestion and keeps stomach healthy. Activates Liver. Protects heart. Improves immunity. Cures arthritis and joint swelling. Wonderful for sugar patients. Heals operative and burn wounds fast. Regulates mensural periods. Very effective in thalassemia. Very effective in post Menopausal(Stopage of M.C) Female Problem. Ingredients in Swadeshi Ayurved Aloevera Juice : Aloe Vera [...]

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Beauty Health :: Swadeshi Ayurved ::

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