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Tiger Balm

  • Tiger Balm

    Tiger Balm – Red Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine Tiger Balm Red is a warm comforting remedy that is most effective for relieving muscular aches and pains. Tiger Balm Red is versatile enough to relieve Insect bites, itching and headaches. Apply Tiger Balm Red gently on affected areas. Store Tiger Balm Red in a cool place. Tiger [...]

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  • Tiger Oil

    Tiger Oil Tiger Oil provides temporary relief from aches and pains in the muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, sprains and bruises. Just apply Tiger Oil to the affected area regularly for quick relief. Tiger Oil’s active ingredients include gandhapura (wintergreen) oil, pudina (menthol) oil, nilgiri (eucalyptus) oil, and kapoor (camphor). Tiger [...]

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  • Tiger Balm Muscle Rub

    Tiger Balm Muscle Rub is an analgesic with all natural active ingredients. Tiger Balm Muscle Rub provides fast effective relief for backaches, sprains, strains, soreness and stiffness without side effects. All Natural Ingredients – Tiger Balm Muscle Rub has an Ayurvedic Formula Tiger Balm Muscle Rub is non-Staining Tiger Balm Muscle Rub is highly effective [...]

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Beauty Health :: Tiger Balm ::

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