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Vcare Products

  • Vcare Hair Protect Spray

    Vcare Hair Protect Spary Oil Free Hair Care Vcare Hair Protect Spray is a powerful herbal formulation for hair fall prevention, dandruff control and this leads to hair regrowth. This formulation is enriched with peptide complexes and herbal actives. This product is manufactured by unique and improved advanced processing technology and an outcome of 15 [...]

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  • VCare 24 K Gold Soap

    VCare 24 K Gold Soap Enriched with 24 K Gold & Soy Protein. Stay Young. 24K GOLD is an ancient secret which keeps your skin young and radiant. Fine colloidal gold dissolves into your skin providing firmness and radiance. Soy protein moisturizes your skin extensively and retains moisture for the whole day. VCare 24 K [...]

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  • Vcare Shampoo Hair Color

    Vcare Shampoo Hair Color Everybody wants to look young, however the grey strands emerging at 40s gives them an aged look. The traditional way of dyeing your hair is both cumbersome and time consuming. Vcare Shampoo Hair Color is a novel initiative helping you to color your hair black within 5 – 7 minutes, just [...]

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  • Vcare Goat Milk Soap

    Goat milk is a natural ingredient rich in vitamins, minerals, lipids, proteins and alpha hydroxyl acids. Vcare Goat Milk Soap will keep your skin soft and glowing forever. Vcare Goat Milk Soap also has a unique property to improve your complexion and make you look fairer than before. Vcare Goat Milk Soap Ingredients : Sodium [...]

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  • Vcare Herbal Hair Dye

    Vcare Herbal Hair Dye is a unique and safe black dye for your hair. Herbal Hair Dye blackens your hair very safely. The richness of the herbs contained in Vcare Herbal Hair Dye is something really unique and this adds a lot of nourishment to your hair. Vcare Herbal Hair Dye is completely free from [...]

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  • Vcare Henna Natural Powder

    VCARE Natural Henna Powder is derived from the finest quality herb handpicked from the farms of Rajasthan. This Vcare Henna Natural is capable of providing an excellent colour to your grey hair. The henna pack is also capable of conditioning your hair in addition to colouring. Ingredients of Vcare Henna Natural Powder : Natural Henna [...]

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Vcare Products

Beauty Health :: Vcare Aroma Shoppe ::

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