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  • Vicks MultiPain Relief Gel

    Vicks MultiPain Relief Gel Get total caring relief for your whole family with the new Vicks MultiPain Relief Gel – an effective multi-tasking pain relief product that frees you and your loved ones from different body pains, individually and simultaneously. Vicks MultiPain Relief Gel is a multi-tasking pain relief gel containing diclofenac, methyl salicylate and [...]

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  • Vicks Inhaler

    Vicks inhaler gives fast relief from nasal congestion due to cold, fever, allergies & sinusitis. Special formula in Vicks inhaler shrinks swollen membranes and provides fast relief from stuffy nose. Vicks inhaler is easy to use and convenient to carry.

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  • Vicks VapoRub

    Vicks ® VapoRub ® Cream medicated vapors begin to work quickly to relieve your cough. Vicks VapoRub Cream is not likely to cause drowsiness or jittery side effects. Because Vicks VapoRub is a topical cough medicine, it may be appropriate for diabetics looking for an alternative to oral cough medicines that may contain sugar. Uses [...]

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Beauty Health :: Vicks ::

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