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  • Zandu Ovoutoline Forte

    Ovoutoline Forte Zandu introduces extract based Forte Range of products in attractive HDPE container; herbs in extract form (100% soluble fraction) ensures better bioavailability; confirms the superiority & potency of Forte formulation with just 1 tab BD dosage. Its indication are as follows: Dysmenorrhoea, Irregular menstruation, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB), Pre-menopausal symptoms (PMS). Dosage: 1 [...]

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  • Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup

    Benefits of Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup: Provides quick and effective relief from nagging cough. Effective herbal preparation that soothes mucosal irritation and facilitates easy expectoration. Mucolytic, expectorant, decongestant and broncho-dilatory effect. Reduces inflammation of respiratory passage. Contains Adhatoda vasica, a natural source of Bromhexine which is a proven mucolytic agent. Free from alcohol and narcotic [...]

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  • Zandu Gel Balm Junior

    Zandu Gel Balm Junior Description for Zandu Gel Balm Junior : In today’s competitive world, kids’ life is not really as colorful as it was earlier. With the pressure from parents to excel in all the fields, today’s little champs are getting stressed out. Poor eating habits and exposure to technology ( mobile phones, computer, [...]

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  • Zandu Balm Ultra Power

    Zandu Balm Ultra Power Zandu Balm Ultra Power is a safe & effective remedy for severe pain and aches. Zandu Balm Ultra Power provides fast and long lasting relief from : Strong Headache Strong Backache Strong Knee Pain Strong Joint Pain Strong Neck & Shoulder Pain Sprain Muscle Pain Inflammation Cold

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  • Zandu Ovoutoline

    Zandu Ovoutoline Zandu Ovoutoline is an ideal herbal, non-hormonal preparation which offers a comprehensive treatment in the management of various gynaecological disorders. Benefits of Zandu Ovoutoline Tablets : Ovoutoline by virtue of its marked anti-oxytocic, anti-inflammatory and anti spasmodic action corrects gynaecological disorders. Reduces severity of uterine contractions & prevents excessive menstrual loss. Ideal for [...]

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  • Zandu Tribang Shila Tablets

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Zandu Products

» Zandu Abhayadi Modak Tablets

» Zandu Abhayasan

» Zandu Alpitone

» Zandu Arogya Vardhini Gutika

» Zandu Ashwagandha Churna

» Zandu Balm

» Zandu Balm Ultra Power

» Zandu Bhaskar Lavan Churna

» Zandu Brento Syrup

» Zandu Brento Tablets

» Zandu Chandraprabhavati

» Zandu Chyavanprash

» Zandu Gandhak Rasayan Tablets

» Zandu Gel Balm Junior

» Zandu Gokshuradi Gugul

» Zandu Haritaki Churna

» Zandu Haritaki Tablets

» Zandu Hingashtak Churna

» Zandu K4 Tablets

» Zandu Kanchnar Gugul Gutika 390mg

» Zandu Kesari Jivan

» Zandu Khadiradi Gutika

» Zandu Kishore Guggul

» Zandu Krimi Kuthar Rasa 130mg

» Zandu Livotrit Liquid

» Zandu Livotrit Tablets

» Zandu Maha Sudarshan Churna

» Zandu Maha Yogaraj Guggul

» Zandu Mandur Vatak 100mg

» Zandu Nityam Churna

» Zandu Ovoutoline

» Zandu Ovoutoline Forte

» Zandu Pancharishta

» Zandu Punarnava Mandur 130mg

» Zandu Raja Pravartini Vati Gutika 130mg

» Zandu Rhumasyl Oil

» Zandu Rhumasyl Ointment

» Zandu Rhumayog Tablets

» Zandu Rhumayog Gold

» Zandu Sarpagandha Tablets

» Zandu Satavarex Granules

» Zandu Shwas Kuthar Ras

» Zandu Sitopaladi Churna

» Zandu Sudarshan Ghanvati Tablets

» Zandu Sudarshan Tablets

» Zandu Swadishta Virechan Churna

» Zandu Talisadi Churna Tablets

» Zandu Trayodashang Gugul Gutika 325mg

» Zandu Tribang Shila Tablets

» Zandu Triphala Churna

» Zandu Triphala Guggul

» Zandu Triphala Tablets

» Zandu Trishun Tablets

» Zandu Vigorex Capsules

» Zandu Vigorex SF Zandu Vigorex SF

» Zandu Vishtindul Vati

» Zandu Yograj Guggul

» Zandopa

» Zandu Zanduzyme Tablets

» Zandu Zefs Cough Syrup

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Zandu Products

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